Do I need a handmade bicycle?

A mass-produced bicycle will get the job done for most  people and perform adequately. What if adequate isn't enough?  My clients choose my bicycles for many different reasons, below are just a few:

An appreciation for well-made, no-compromise, fine handcrafted products. If you can appreciate the difference between a Snap-On ratchet versus a made-in-China copy, you know what I’m talking about.

Fit. Period. Nothing is more important to the performance and enjoyment of a quality bicycle than fit. Much like a custom made suit, Daltex bicycle frames are designed and built around your unique body proportions. The materials, tubing diameters, tubing wall thickness, and frame geometry are ‘reverse engineered’ around you and your riding style. This produces a unique bicycle that puts you in the most powerful and comfortable position possible.

On any given training ride you'll see a dozen guys riding the same generic plastic/composite/epoxy bike from a nameless faceless factory in China. Most of these bicycles come from the same factory in China, the different brands just put their own unique decals on them. Some people love them, not me.